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Our Hot Swinging Unicorn of the Month Southern Comfort
Meet Shirley Elaine
Our January Unicorn is an outstanding party favor!
Our Couple of the Month Coming at You Like Cannonballs!
Meet Ray and Amanda
Our January couple only has one speed... FAST!

Features: in Kasidie, the Swinger's Lifestyle Magazine

An Intimate look at the New Kasidie 2.0! Kasidie.com Launches "The Social Community For Couples"!
An intimate look at the brand new Kasidie 2.0! Expanding and full of surprises, there's much more to come!
A Heavy Look at Swinging A Heavy Look at Swinging
Sexy comes in all sizes...
The Sexonomic Crisis The Sexonomic Crisis
Maintain your fun, and maintain your budget with this lesson in swinger economics for the budget-conscious lifestyler.
Letters to the Editor Letters to the Editor
Change is in the air at Kasidie.com!

More Features!

The Myth of Sexual Addiction The Myth of Sexual Addiction
Should we really feel bad about feeling good? A sex therapist speaks out about the myth of sexual addiction.
100 Signs You May Be A Swinger! 100 Signs You May Be A Swinger!
Not sure if you're a swinger? Here are some easy ways to tell.
Paradox of the Christian Swinger A Very Hard Question of Faith
Is it really possible to love both the Lifestyle and Jesus? It's the Paradox if the Christian Swinger.
Strange but True Sex Laws in the USA Strange but True Sex Laws in the USA
Before you start getting your freak on, you may want to consider where you are. You may be breaking the law!
The Swingers Diet! The Swingers Diet!
For a healthier lifestyle... How something as simple as non-monogamous sex can motivate you to stay in shape!
The Problem with Abstinence Education The Problem with Abstinence Education
Your tax dollars are hard at work making sure your kids grow up to be ashamed of their sexuality.
Suppressing Swinger Suspicion Suppressing Swinger Suspicion
What to do if someone suspects you are a swinger?
The Fucking Miracle Cure The Fucking Miracle Cure
Ah, sex... Did you know about the health benefits that a romp in the hay can get you? Well, fucking is actually better for you than you may think!
The Dreaded Single Male The Dreaded Single Male
Hear from a single male on the subject of single males in the Lifestyle...
Heroes and Hedonists Heroes and Hedonists
Police officers by day, swingers by night... Some crime fighters really do have secret identities!
Video Games as a (Social) Lubricant Video Games as a (Social) Lubricant
Even the names of today's gaming consoles seem geared towards swingers... XBox, Wii, Playstation... Foreplay has never been so much fun!
Taking One for the Team Taking One for the Team
Sometimes we all make sacrifices for the partners that we love.
The Kasidie Patent Office The Kasidie Patent Office
We profile some actual patent applications to the US Govertnemt...for some truly odd sex products!
The Art of Profile Pictures The Art of Profile Pictures
If you belong to any swinger dating sites, you should know that: "A good picture is worth a thousand genitalia."
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
The world's first kinky Superhero.
Buyer Beware Buyer Beware
Know before you go! Don't get screwed when booking your next swinging lifestyle vacation
Protecting Your Privacy Online Protecting Your Privacy Online
What every swinger should know before posting their photos on the net. Kasidie tells you how to avoid being caught with your pants down... literally!
Interview with Terry Gould Interview with Terry Gould
This month, we interview Terry Gould, author of The Lifestyle: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers.
Kasidie Labs playtests The Game Kasidie Labs playtests The Game
We playtest and review the newest, and possibly sexiest new adult party game.
Ask Kasidie! Ask Kasidie!
Sex, Sophistry and the Size of your Junk...
Ask A Vanilla! Ask A Vanilla!
Veggie Sex and MIA Undies...
Kasidie's Crossword Kasidie's Crossword
Win a Kasidie T-Shirt!

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