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Monkey Couples

Location Morganton, North Carolina
Event type Club
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We are a private membership group of couples and single ladies (with or without dates) that are committed to introduce themselves to everyone, not to feel shy or scared, choose to be social, and take the initiative to know more about each other!  “Monkey Couples” are REAL couples that love to attend a swinger function and to have a good time–“if you know what we mean”.

Wouldn't it be nice if folks recognized your name and face when you make that entrance?  “Monkey Couples” refuses to be a stranger, refuses to play games, and all agree to covenant in treating others as they want to be treated.  More importantly, when all are committed to atmosphere, attention, and the liberty to mingle, isn’t that as simple as life can get?

Are you 21 or over?  Are you open-minded or easy-going?  Do you love to sing karaoke or love to hear others sing?  Do you display a sense of humor or like to laugh?  If so, don’t be shy and come out to party with us.  At least one Saturday night each month, a Meet & Greet is publicly or privately held. hosts either private or public parties each month in either: Asheville, Morganton or Hickory/Newton area.  Bi-Sexual couples have a place here too, but such events will meet separately and are privately held and will NOT be listed publicly.  Most public events are straight in nature.  A public event mostly consists of couples being mostly straight with one straight male and one Straight or Bi-sexual/Bi-Curious Female. now refuses to mimic, supplant or marginalize other indigenous Swinger Clubs and the plain traditions of swinger kingdom; but, to become the official mascot of the swinging community outside of the vast secret customary public adoration of The Lifestyle, and to retreat from the common accord of the outsiders’ particulars and misperceptions. strives to be constantly reflexive and works to raise the biblical understanding of The Lifestyle.  Simply put, the outsiders’ livid subjective reality of swingers trying to thrive in a fast-paced world where fear and insecurity constantly, communally subjugates the swinging individual from the collective whole, perpetuating more dominant outside forces, while silencing us as the oppressed. does not engage in mass-convincing, twisting of one's arms, public preaching, public outcries, churchy-donation fundraising activities, nor boasts as being politically correct.  This group does not force any editorial viewpoints or purism over the traditional endorsements and fulsomeness as you may find at those other groups. Simply put, we are the best in doctrine and maturity.


Type Off Premise
Hours 9pm to until Saturday
Exclusiveness Members only, very exclusive
Membership Required Yes , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $30 per event
Minimum Age Requirement 18 years old
Single Males Allowed Other
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight males, but many bi-females Bi, both sexes
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
Off-Premise Club Information
Usual Meeting Place Bar/Club Hotel Personal Home
Special Interests None, just a swingers meet and greet 


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