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Nova Nilla

Location Denver, Colorado
Event type Club
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Nova NiLLa - Say it out loud... Sometimes, you just need to leave the "vanilla" world behind... On a vibrating piece of steel. Nova NiLLa is a social and sensual group of people who happen to love motorcycles, the outdoors, and erotic adventures with each other; without hangups, jealousy, or everyday worries encountered in vanilla life. As a group, we entertain ourselves about once a month (during riding season) by riding to a fun destination, with the express intent of getting a little crazy with each other - respectfully, playfully, and safely. Motorcycles are NOT a requirement for membership, though they are an integral part of the Nova NiLLa riding club adventures. We can always use help from people with other vehicles, though - if you just want to join in the rest of the fun! Membership on Lifestyle Lounge is required in order to be kept (officially) up-to-date on our rides, campouts, dinners and other sensual journeys together. Our events are priced AT COST. Operations are funded by membership donations, with annual as well as "per ride" membership options.


Type Off Premise
Exclusiveness Members only, but that's a technicality as there aren't really any membership requirements
Membership Required No , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed
Single Females Allowed
Members Typical Sexual Preference
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
Off-Premise Club Information
Usual Meeting Place Outdoor Location
Special Interests Motorcycles 


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