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Club Nite Desires PM

Location Mount Vernon, Missouri
Website http://
Event type Club
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Who We Are-


We are a down to earth lifestyle group, located in southwest MO.

This is a BYOB so bring your favorite drink. There will be great food and drink mixers will be provided. Most are welcome to spend the Nite. There is NO pressure to play with anybody but you can do what ever you like We will be playing all your favorite tunes.

For the protection of the club and its members there will be rules for everyone to follow. All new attendees must contact the club owners for approval to attend.

Singles (Male & Female) must be "Validated" by a "Validated" couple in order to attend any of our events. The validating Couple must contact us stating that they will vouch that this person is a respectful person & would be a valuable member of Club Nite Desires PM That person must then contact us so that we may visit with them before final approval for attending the event. If a married person or someone in a committed relationship wants to attend an event without their partner/spouse, or with another person, both parties of this couple must contact the host or co-host by phone to verify that both parties are comfortable with this arrangement. This 1/2 of the Couple will then be listed as a "Single" for that dance.

All singles MUST be on the RSVP list no later than 3 days before the event in order to attend. If your name is not on the RSVP list, you will not be allowed to attend the event. If we find that any single (or couple) is married, or in a serious relationship, and their spouse or partner is not involved in the lifestyle, they will be asked to leave and not to come back EVER! We are a on premise club Keep in mind that just because you are at a lifestyle event no-one has the right to just grab or touch, anyone anyplace. Always ask permission, and No means NO. See our web site for a complete list of our rules. Please be aware that since we advertise on numerous swing friendly web sites the number of people singed up on this site, is not implicative of our actual attendance, our typical attendance is between 12 to 20 couples. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any

questions you may have. Please do sign up on all the sites that you have a profile on.



Type On Premise
Exclusiveness Open to the public
Membership Required No , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $25.00 per party
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed Always
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight, both sexes Straight males, but many bi-females Bi, both sexes
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
On-Premise Club Information
Play Allowed
Play Allowed
Cleanliness (5 equals Spotless, 1 equals Dirty) Not Rated
Smoking Allowed
Club Looks (5 equals New, 1 equals Worn) Not Rated
Dance Floor
Stripper Pole
Music By
Music Style
Reserved Seating/Areas Available No
Alcohol, BYOB
Alcohol, Purchase On-Site
Mixers & Soft Drinks Provided
# of Bathrooms Total Bathrooms
Towels Provided
Community Areas


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