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Location Los Angeles, California
Event type Club
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Bliss is the most creative and original private party you will ever attend. Nothing else like it exists or comes close. From a 15th century castle in the heart of Hollywood to an 18th century Victorian mansion, you will find our locations truly unique. Our productions are pure magic with the most imaginative "themes" you will ever experience. We at Bliss create an extraordinary setting that will take you into another world. Bliss standards are first class. Of course beyond our first rate production values, you will find the most attractive and dynamic individuals that the "lifestyle" has to offer. Our selective guest list assures that each event has the right "mix" to ignite the evening. A safe, no pressure environment will make even newcomers fell relaxed and festive. It takes more work to provide you with the best "themed" events in the lifestyle, but we at Bliss think our members deserve it. So come join us at our next event where the possibilities are endless.


Type Off Premise
Exclusiveness Members only, very exclusive
Membership Required No , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed Never
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight males, but many bi-females
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
Off-Premise Club Information
Usual Meeting Place Bar/Club Hotel Personal Home
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Kasidie's Review
Review Date Jun 25, 2008
What a hot, great group of people. We've attended their parties in Los Angeles, joined their takeovers in Mexico, and enjoyed their events in Las Vegas. It's exclusive, to be sure, but that's part of what makes it so desireable as the people are all hand selected. The other part? Their events! They put together THE best parties - fantastic venues, hot couples (and single females), and surprises at every turn. Bliss earns a solid "5 Stars" from Kasidie.
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Reviewed by PocketSizedFun
Review Date Jul 19, 2013
love these parties