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Couples Oasis

Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Event type Club
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Join us every weekend, Friday and Saturday for the most erotic times in the Vegas valley. New(bie) couples, our parties are famous the world over for providing a no pressure, safe, comfortable first step into the lifestyle, in an erotic and sexually charged environment. Sexy, fun, REAL couples, enjoying the best thngs in life, what more could you ask for?


Type On Premise
Hours Friday Saturday
Exclusiveness Members only, but that's a technicality as there aren't really any membership requirements
Membership Required No , Initiation: $, Fee: $40 per year
Party Admission Cost $40 per weekend
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed Other
Single Females Allowed Other
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight males, but many bi-females
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
On-Premise Club Information
Play Allowed Designated areas only
Play Allowed Private Rooms Group Rooms Swing/Furniture
Cleanliness (5 equals Spotless, 1 equals Dirty) Not Rated
Smoking Allowed
Club Looks (5 equals New, 1 equals Worn) Not Rated
Dance Floor Yes, basic
Stripper Pole Yes, one
Music By
Music Style
Reserved Seating/Areas Available No
Alcohol, BYOB
Alcohol, Purchase On-Site
Mixers & Soft Drinks Provided
Facilities Jacuzzi Swimming Pool Outdoor Tanning area
# of Bathrooms Total Bathrooms
Towels Provided
Community Areas Bar Dance Floor Lounge Patio


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Kasidie's Review
Review Date Mar 21, 2012
The ONLY lifestyle club in Vegas just for couples! And, better yet, the ONLY pool in Vegas that's 100% clothing optional (the resort adult pools are only "toptional"). We love "CO", as the locals call it, because, well, it's always got a lot of locals plus a fun mix of out of towners. They are open both mid-week and weekends, which is great for locals who have to work weekends, or visitors who are in town on business midweek and want to get out for a night. The club (located in a converted house) is clean, with a beautiful bar area, and has lots of public and private play areas tucked away throughout the property. The owners are a warm, welcoming couple and will make newbies and seasoned Kasidie members feel right at home. Best of all, given the concentration of locals here, people tend to arrive early and get the action started. For visitors this means you can get your swing on and have a blast, and then still make Drae's or other after-hours clubs if you still have the energy. Two thumbs up! And since it's our local club here in Vegas, you will often see Nicoleta & Scott partying here too!
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Reviewed by MrandMrsMoore
Review Date Dec 15, 2014
We were visiting Las Vegas in December to celebrate his birthday. Found Couples Oasis looking for a good swingers club for a fun Friday night outside of partying on The Strip. And this place is certainly off of The Strip! It was a 15-20 minute/$35-$40 cab ride. It's in a residential neighborhood which is nice, adds to the house party vibe. The $45 anual membership fee was a bit much in our eyes, especially since we were visiting and the chance of us coming back to Vegas again within the next year is pretty slim. The $35 entrance fee is acceptable. Got in, registered, heard all of the rules and such, and got the tour. It's a clean, nice place that was once a large house, but converted into a swinger party house. The folks that volunteer there were awesome. There was an indoor hot tub that we didn't get to check out, but it looked well maintained and clean. They even supplied lockers with locks and towels. Perfect! Now the not so perfect...the place was half dead and the majority of the folks there seemed to be locals/regulars that all knew each other. Which is cool for them, not so cool for visitors like us. In addition many of the members are a little older than us, maybe in their early 50s and over. That doesn't take anything away from the members, just a heads up if you are looking for a younger crowd. The DJ played a good mix of music for the crowd. Not too much of this or too little of that. It's BYOB which is always nice, because it saves you a ton of money on drinks. We met a few couples that encouraged us to come back on Saturday night because it would be more live and more people. We had tentative plans, but decided to return, mostly because the $35 entrance fee covered entrance for both Friday and Saturday nights! That's a plus, plus! We did return and had a great time and met some great couples! All-in-all we both recommend Couples Oasis.
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Reviewed by themini4me
Review Date May 22, 2014
Couples Oasis is the ONLY place in Vegas to go meet your new best friends!
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Reviewed by DJChino69
Review Date Oct 14, 2012
Can not give it 5 cause I would be biased but definately the best party place in town, when you wanna dance & get crazy or just chill and people watch.
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Reviewed by usinnlv
Review Date Sep 3, 2012
Love going there. Lots of fun. Great people to play with.
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Reviewed by casexydna
Review Date Apr 3, 2012
We love Couples Oasis. Never miss it when we visit Vegas.
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Reviewed by sexyfun05
Review Date Dec 26, 2011
wonderful laid back place to play
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Reviewed by themini4me
Review Date Jul 15, 2011
Love it
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Reviewed by funUTcpl69
Review Date Jun 14, 2009
C.O. is a fun, relaxed club with many amenities. It is clean, nicely appointed, and the staff is very friendly. The members are very nice and relaxed. It is just a great place to hang out in with friendly people. Oh, and there is a lot of sex going on! We love it there!