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Couples After Dark

Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Event type Club
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Welcome to the relaunch of Couples After Dark! The Off-Premise environment where discriminating couples meet, socialize and become better acquainted during intimately arranged cocktail and dinner parties.

The first thing we would like to point out is that Couples After Dark wasn’t created previously, nor is it being reintroduced now, to duplicate or compete with others in this arena who serve many facets of our community much better than we can ever hope to; each with their own focus and allure.
During our hiatus we took a serious look at past lessons learned. We also heard from (pleasantly, we might add) many of you who conveyed both accolades and a request for us to bring back Couples After Dark. And so, we have! Only this time our group will focus exclusively on those who desire and value a deeper level of discretion, possess a respect for proper decorum; and who wish to partake in an alternate choice for their level of interest during an upscale evening out on the town, among those with similar passions.
As a result of the requisite rules and guidelines that all Couples After Dark Group Members will consent to observe; we realize that Couples After Dark will not be a suitable fit for everyone. If we offend some, please accept our apologies. This is not an attempt to come off as elitists but rather, a necessary condition that is intended to preserve the integrity of the functions that we will host and as a result, respect the privacy and wishes of our guests.
For those of you who grasp this measure of reasoning, we sincerely thank you! It is our primary objective to not repeat history, nor experience what many event hosts and club owners must continually contend with. Granted, this is not a generalization. However, there’s always one or two in every crowd that prompt wake-up calls (and subsequent headaches) for those organizing and hosting events. And as result, we have agreed to put into place, what we’ve heard, many couples and hosts would like to see.
So, what is a Couples After Dark event? Simply put, you can come to expect the cordial and comfortable surroundings of an upscale venue, with an intimate number of mature (not necessarily by chronological age) guests in attendance; both of which are conducive to creating the perfect atmosphere for socializing, appropriately sensible flirtation, and inviting conversation. Afterwards, those desiring to, go onto pursue their common inclinations in a more intimate and private setting.
If what you have read appeals to you, then we invite you to join us in inviting those you would enjoy meeting, spending time or becoming better acquainted with; to let them know about Couples After Dark. And please do watch for updates and event postings both here on Kasidie, and on our site.
We thank you for your interest and look forward to sharing with you, the possibilities!

To enlightening and fun-filled times!

Tom and Becky
Couples After Dark


Type Off Premise
Exclusiveness Members only, very exclusive
Membership Required Yes , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per event
Minimum Age Requirement 30 years old
Single Males Allowed Other
Single Females Allowed Other
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight, both sexes Straight males, but many bi-females
Languages Spoken by Staff English  Italian 
Off-Premise Club Information
Usual Meeting Place Bar/Club Hotel Other
Special Interests None, just a swingers meet and greet  Theme Parties  Food/Wine 


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