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What is it?

Getting certified shows that you are real!

What does it get me?

Being certified opens the doors for more friends, more parties and more fun! It lets you use a lot more features, join groups and participate in ways that are exclusively for certified members. You can even create and post events, groups, and parties of your own! And, frankly, it means your profile will be seen by more people... a lot more people. Oh, all that plus a groovy gold seal for your profile!

How do I get certified?

Easy! There are three ways...

option 1

Send me a picture of you (or, if a couple, at least of her as we can't use just a guy's pic to certify a couple), holding a sign with your username and today's date. Send the picture to Or,

option 2

Have a friend or club owner that you have met LIVE view your profile and certify you (certified Elite members have the ability to certify other members they have met LIVE). Or,

option 3

Meet any of our staff at any party (check the party tab for listings).