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Features & Benefits
Join Kasidie's award-winning, full-featured and multi-layer proprietary social networking platform to your community, sit back, and watch things grow!

Your co-branded lifestyle social network is...
✔ Quick & Easy Set-Up
✔ Feature Rich

Features –
Your branding in the headers, backgrounds and email
External email alerts (e.g. "you have new mail") are "from" you and link users directly to your website, not to Kasidie (+Plus! edition)
Global community – your members see your brand, but are still part of the global, thriving system-wide database
Exciting site features, tools and apps that members love
Extensive profile options
Advanced search
Hundreds of parties
Rendezvous hook-up's
Travel listings
Unlimited photo albums
Communities for every interest
And much, much more!

Benefits –
BRAND Your members see your brand on all pages and on all site email
Tools to email your members, write on their walls, & market your events
TRAFFIC Increase traffic and loyalty to your website
$ REVENUE $ Huge share of the subscription revenue

We handle –
Customer service
Billing & related issues
Photo review
More customer service
Spam compliance
All operating costs
Ongoing feature & app development
Systems administration & infrastructure maintenance and upgrades
And still more customer service

How much does it cost?
Premier Edition – FREE! Yes, really.
+Plus! Edition – $250 one-time fee to cover set-up expenses.
Pro +Plus! Edition – $500, our +Plus Edition with all the graphics created by Kasidie.

Let's Get Started!
click here for: Graphic Specifications, Premium Edition
click here for: +Plus! Edition Set-up Form

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