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Anonymous swinger profiles...

Your Kasidie profile can display your body type... your height and weight... whether you drink or not... even your sexual preferences (all optional, none are mandatory)

But there are no set fields for your name, street address, phone number, or anything else that's personally identifiable.

All profile items are optional:

So select only what you want to select, write only what you want to write, add only the photos you want to add. We don't require anything specific in your profile.


We are all naturally cautious. There may be millions of us out there, but we want to avoid work or family hassles and so we like to stay comfortably in the closet (albeit with another couple or two!). So Kasidie lifestyle profiles are anonymous and don't have any fields that require any personally identifiable information. In fact, all fields are optional; you can highlight as little or as much as you feel comfortable with. You can even "ghost" your profile so nobody can see it.

An uninhibited, social lifestyle:

The sexually adventurous communities are a blast, filled with new friends, uninhibited parties and erotic adventures. Incredible friendships are formed. And a life less ordinary is yours.

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Anonymous swinger profiles...

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