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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program Affiliate Program
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Does Kasidie have an affiliate program?
Of course! Our affiliate program is the most rewarding and integrated program in the lifestyle. Click here for details...

How do I join?
You already have! There is no separate system requiring a new sign-up as an affiliate. All your referrals are already being tracked so you can see who joined based on your recommendation. To become designated as a "revenue sharing" affiliate simply send an email to Admin and we will flip the switch for you, and start sending you checks for all your referrals!

Where do I get banners and links with my referral code in them?
Visit your referral center (in the SeeMore drop-down list) and click the "How do we track referrals" graphic at the bottom of the page. You can choose any banner or text link, and all clicks will automatically be credited to you.

Where can I see how much I've earned?
Once you are designated as a "revenue-sharing" partner a new sub-nav will appear on your referral center. This will have links to pages where you can fill-out your payment information, see pending commissions, and view various other information for your affiliate account.

What happens when someone joins from my referral? Do I get anything more than just cash?
Yes! You do share in the revenue, of course... forever. You will receive checks for as long as the member remains on Kasidie as a paying account. Additionally that member will automatically receive a friend request "from" you when they join, AND they will automatically be added to any community that you host and have designated as the default in your affiliate center; this enables you to build a community as well as earn recurring revenue.

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