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Kasidie's Certifications
Certified Members Certified Members
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How do I get certified? Why should I?
Certified members can access a LOT of additional features on Kasidie. And frankly it means that your profile will have a ton more credibility to other members. To get certified you can;
  • have a friend of yours who is certified click your profile and certify you
  • send us a photo of you (if a couple then of both of you) with clear faces, holding a sign that says "Kasidie.com" and your member name. Email it to certifications@kasidie.com
  • meet us or the event host at any Kasidie sponsored party

What do all the types mean? Certified / Founder / Celebrity / Event Host / Partner / Performer / Podcaster
Certified – this is by far the most common seal type and represents certified community members

Founder – these are certified members who were on Kasidie when it all began, our earliest members

Celebrity – our celebrities are people who have appeared in the magazine, who have written articles we've published, or who have provided photography or other public services for Kasidie

Event Host – all professional party promoters and clubs are eligible to receive this seal. It means they have a website with a Kasidie banner on it and post parties at least several times a year.

Ambassador – this seal is given to our greatest fans, people who have done a great job referring new members and representing the lifestyle in their city

Travel Agent – is reserved for travel professional who specialize in swinger trips, takeovers and vacations

Photographer – for professionals who really understand and care about the swinging lifestyle, and have the equipment and know-how to turn your boudoir fantasies into digital reality

Partner – we allow very select, lifestyle oriented businesses to have profiles and sponsor communities on Kasidie. These are always identified wih the unique partner seal.

Performer – A professional entertainer or performer who works in the lifestyle community at venues like cruise ships, resorts or clubs. Website required.

Podcaster – Members that host weekly or monthly podcast with professional websites. These are some of Kasidie's best promoters and wonderful advocates of the swinger lifestyle.

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