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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Email
Email Email
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How do I send someone an email?
Simply visit their profile and click the Email icon at the top of the page. Note that only certified, elite members can initiate a new email (free members can reply to emails but not originate them).

Can I attach files to an email?
You can include photos in the body of the email by using the WYSIWYG toolbar (the toolbar that lets you change font sizes & colors, bold/italic/underline words, etc). Click the button that has the little mountain & sun on it (hovering your mouse will display a box that says "Insert/Edit Image". Now browse for the photo you want to send, select it and then click the "Attach" button, and once it's uploaded be sure to click "Okay" at the bottom. You can do this as many times as you like.

And if you receive an email from someone with photos in it? Just right-click your mouse and choose "Save".

Can I send mass emails?
Only to your friends via the utility on your My Friends page, to guests who have RSVP'd to a party you are hosting, and to members of a community you founded. You can't send mass emails to people you aren't connected to as we had to design this in as a spam prevention tool.

How do I file my messages into folders?
From your mailbox, check the message(s) you want to file in a folder, then choose a folder from the "File checked messages in" drop-down list and click "Go".

Is it possible to create new folders? What about rearranging them?
Yes, very easy. From your mailbox, click the Edit Folders link; this lets you rename existing folders, create new folders, delete folders and even re-order folders by dragging & dropping the blue folder icon at the left.

Oops, I didn't mean to send that! Can I recall that email?
If the recipient(s) haven't read the email yet then you can recall it by going into your Sent Mail folder and clicking the "Recall this email" link. This removes the email from their Inbox (keep in mind they probably received an external notification that they had new email from you, and might be surprised to find nothing there, but that's better than the drama from a mis-typed email). If they've already opened the email then it can't be recalled.

Where can I see my email history with a member? Does it ever expire?
Visit their profile and click the Mail History icon at the top. Email is never expired out of the system. But if it's been deleted then only the date and subject will be viewable, as the actual body text will have been discarded.

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