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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Flash 'Em's
Forums Forums
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Where are the Forums?
General – the main forums are located on the "Forums" tab at the top of the page
Community – every community has its own private forums
Parties & Events – every party has its own forums (if enabled by the host)

Any forum rules or guidelines?
We ask that you refrain from disparaging any other member, blatant commercial endorsements, and other things which violate our Terms of Use.

Who moderates the forums?
Nobody officially. Forums are managed by the category and/or topic hosts.

Questions or help?
Email member ForumMistress.

1. Who can start a new Topic?
Any certified, elite member with a complete profile can start a new topic.

2. How do I lock/unlock a topic?
As long as you are the topic host you will see a link to enable you to "lock" the topic (meaning it will keep existing comments but not allow any new posts). If it's locked then you can unlock it.

3. How do I edit a topic?
Topic hosts see a variety of tools when viewing their topic, including an "Edit" link.

4. Can I delete a topic?
Yes, topic hosts (and, of course, category hosts) can delete topics.

1. Who can read and post comments to a topic?
Any certified, elite member can comment on a topic. Any Kasidie member can read topics and comments, but they cannot post to them if they are free or uncertified.

2. Can I quote a previous comment or thread a comment?
The system doesn't auto-quote previous comments, nor does it thread comments. If you want to quote someone's comment then simply copy & paste it into your posting (we'd suggest changing the font or italicizing it).

3. How do I delete a comment?
You can always delete your own comments (just click the "delete" link next to it). Also, topic and category hosts can delete any comment in a topic.

4. Oops, I need to edit my comment, how?
Once a comment is posted you can't edit it. However you can simply delete it and write a new one.

5. The topic is locked, so I can't post a new comment?
Correct! Once a topic or category host has locked a topic then no more comments are allowed. It isn't personal, ;-)

6. What image types can I put in a comment?
Just like your photo albums, you can add .jpg and .gif images to a comment. We don't enable .pngs and other file types due to the way we store images in the database. Click the "Insert/Edit Image" icon in the wysiwyg toolbar (it looks like a mountain with a sun over it) to add an image.

7. How do I embed a YouTube or similar video into a comment?
Just like in other areas of the site (including your profile description), simply copy the html code from YouTube (or wherever), then click the "Source" button on the Kasidie wysiwyg toolbar (this puts the comment screen into HTML editing mode) and paste the code in there (note that you must click that Source button for this to work). Click the Source button again to exit the HTML-editor if you want to add any text or other stuff. When you add the comment the video will now load into the display!

1. How do I add a poll to my topic?
Easy, simply click the "Add a poll" link. Note that you must include at least 2 answer options (otherwise it really isn't a poll!)

2. Can I vote twice, or even more, on a poll?
To preserve the integrity of polls the system only allows you to vote once.

3. Can I change my vote?
Nope, the database imprints your vote and there are no systems to reset it.

4. Can people see how I voted?
Nope, voting is anonymous. That's why voting is separate from comments; you don't need to comment to vote.

1. What's it mean if I "subscribe" to a topic?
It means that every time someone posts a comment on the topic you will receive an auto-email letting you know there's a new comment.

2. How do I unsubscribe?
Easy, just go to the topic and click any "unsubscribe" link you see.

How do I block someone from my topic or category?
If someone annoys you and you want to prevent them from accessing your category or topic, simply go to their profile and click the ninja "Block" icon. The member will no longer be able to access your profile, any community you host, and any forum you host.

Forums are not accessible by non-members. This means that people have to be logged onto Kasidie to see the general forums, and they have to be a community member to see those forums.

1. Who manage the top level categories?
The categories on the main Forums tab are set by ForumMistress. Categories on individual community pages and on various parties are created by the hosts of those communities/parties. Topics under each category are created by any certified, elite Kasidie member with a complete profile.

2. How do I create/edit a category?
As the community or party host you will see a variety of Forum tools. Click the "Create or Edit Categories" link.

3. How do I move/rearrange the order of my categories?
Click the "Create or Edit Categories" link to open the box. Now click the "Move" icon on the left and drag it to its' new position. Then click Update.

4. How do I lock/unlock a category?
Click the "Create or Edit Categories" link to open the box. Now click the "Lock" (or "Unlock") link next to the specific category.

5. How do I delete a category?
Click the "Create or Edit Categories" link to open the box. Now click "Delete" next to the category you want to remove. All topics and comments in that category will be deleted.

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