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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Parties
Parties Parties
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How do I attend a party?
Just click "yes, add my name to the guest list" when you are viewing a party. If you meet the criteria (e.g. couples-only, etc.) then you will be added to the "Attending" list.

Oops, our plans changed and we can't go; how do we remove our name from the guest list?
Click the "Remove" link under your name in the guest list for the party in question.

How do I view past parties I attended?
Want to see the party details or the profiles of people who also attended? It's easy, just go to My Parties and scroll down to the "Parties I'm Attending" section.

What is the "Pending" list, how do we add ourselves to it?
What: Whenever you post a party, you have the option to send invitations as a way to promote your event (to your friends list, to your community members, to your party lists, etc) – when you send out the invites it places everyone on the "Pending" list. If an invited member clicks to RSVP it removes them from Pending and puts them under Attending. If an invited member clicks "unable to attend" then it removes them from Pending and puts them on the Unable to Attend list (this list is only displayed to the event host).

How: If someone views your party who isn't on the Pending list (because they haven't joined your community yet or haven't become friends with you yet), there isn't a way for them to add themselves as Pending (obviously)... but of course they can still RSVP as attending the party!

How can I post a new party?
Any certified, elite member can post a party by clicking on the "Post Your Party!" link on the Parties & Events tab, or on your My Parties page (under the SeeMore drop-down list).

How do I invite people to my party?
Easy! Click on your party and notice the links for the various host tools in the middle of the page. Select "invite more guests" and use the tools there to invite people from your friends list, from any of your party lists (see next section), or even just one at a time. This will send an invitation to the person with a link to your party, and will place them in the "Pending" section of your event.

What's a "party banner"?
This is the graphic that appears wherever your party is promoted – on the Parties & Events tab, in email invitations you send, on your Communities page, and/or on the Travel tab. This is completely different and separate from any graphics you post in the body of your party, and requires a separate upload on the page linked from your party management.

Can I host a private party, one that doesn't appear on the parties page?
Absolutely! Most house parties are private affairs with hand-selected guest lists. Private parties will only be accessible by people you directly invite, and will not appear anywhere on a profile when someone else is viewing it. It will only display on invitation emails and on the My Home pages of guests who are attending.

"Invitations", how do those work?
You can send invitations to people by clicking the Invite more guests link on the specific party page (this link is only visible to you as the host of an event). This page will let you invite people by typing their member name in a box, or by selecting people from your friends list and/or from your various party lists. An email will be sent out, from you, that includes your party name & graphic along with a link for them to view the party.

"Club Events", what's that column on the Parties and Events tab?
This is a special area for clubs, party promoters and others who host professionally produced events and have websites with a Kasidie banner on them.

How can I get my party posted in the National or International column?
First, create your party in the system (it will be there as a regional event). Now send an email to Admin asking for your party to be upgraded to national or international status. We review each request and will get back to you as quickly as possible. Note that given the large number of requests we get (it sometimes seems like everyone wants their party to be national or international) it's just not possible to accommodate everyone.

This is a travel event, can you post it on the Travel Takeovers page for me?
First, create your party in the system (it will be there as a regional event). Now send an email to Admin asking for your party to be upgraded to the travel page and given an appropriate status. We review each request and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Can I email my guests?
Of course... and even your pending invitees who haven't RSVP'd yet. On your party, click email event attendees to access a page where you can send an email to everyone on your list.

Is there a "print guestlist" option?
Yes, of course. Go to your party and click "print guest list" for a printer friendly page of your guests, along with their locations, payment status and any notes you added.

I need to write some notes about certain guests, is there a way I can do that in the system?
Yes. Go to your party and click add comment under the name of any attending guest. You can add/edit as many comments as you want.

My event is full but I really want to add someone else to it. Is that possible?
A special tool that is only available to Event Hosts is located on the invite more guests page. This enables you to add guests regardless of any settings or other limitations you have on the party.

Can I use HTML?
Absolutely. Our WYSIWYG system enables you to create beautiful, graphic rich party displays. You can event link graphics and images in from your website.

Do I have to share my party revenue with Kasidie?
No, never. We don't expect any share of the revenue from any event you host. The tools we provide and the space we maintain for you to promote your parties on Dirty Rockstars are just part of the service we provide you.

Can I have a Co-Host? How do I mark a guest as PAID? Are there other options?
Yes, yes, and yes! This is called the "Party Guest Type" – when you are logged on to Kasidie and looking at a party you are hosting...
1.  You will see a drop-down box under each guest (in "host-view") with these options...
     Not Paid ((default))
     Door Host
These add fantastic clarity (e.g. someone viewing a couples-only party wonders why a single guy is on the guest list but then sees the "SECURITY" or the "DJ" under his name and so says "oh, okay, that's cool"). Change them as often as needed. All indicators except "not paid" will appear under the member when people are looking at the party. They also, of course, all print on the guest-list (so the door hosts know who's who).

2.  Co-Host!!! (This is REALLY cool) If you, as the host, mark someone as a "Co-Host" then that person now has the ability to also manage the party (along with the you), including inviting people from their friends list or party lists, as well as editing, etc.

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