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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Party Lists
Party Lists Party Lists
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What's a "party list"? What are they used for?
This unique application lets you create various lists of members for different parties you host. People who may or may not be on your friends list, and who enjoy different things. You might, for instance, put together a party list of people who enjoy wine, another one for people who like BDSM, another for campers, and yet another for a specific fetish. Anything you want.

How do I create & manage my party lists?
From My Home click "Party Lists" (in the SeeMore drop-down list). Here you can create, edit and delete lists.

How do I add people to a party list?
Easy, simply visit their profile and click the Party List icon at the top. This will let you choose which party list you want to add them to. It will also display which lists you already have them on. You can also add them manually in your main Party Lists management screen.

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