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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Rendezvous
Rendezvous Rendezvous
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What is it?
This is where you can post your availability to meet up; anytime from today to seven days from now (depending upon how spontaneous you are feeling!). Whether a dinner out, or hot sex in, Rendezvous enables you to meet new friends for any type of fun.

Does it always work?
Nope. But it's worth a shot. The probability of someone you have chemistry with having the exact same window to get together is pretty low, so set your expectations accordingly. Then again, you might just be pleasantly surprised to get an email from a hot new couple that starts a great new friendship.

Can I limit who can see it?
Yes, absolutely. Rendezvous can be set to limit who can see it by member type, by friends, and even by age and body type. Members who don't meet your select criteria won't see your posting. This eliminates uncomfortable email exchanges and hurt feelings.

How do I post one?
Any certified, elite member can post a Rendezvous simply by clicking "Post a Rendezvous".

Can the system automatically let my friends know about my Rendezvous?
Yes, simply check the box that says "Let my friends know about my Rendezvous" and an email will automatically be sent to all your friends. This option appears only when you first create your Rendezvous, so if you missed it then just delete your current one and then create a new one.

Any tips for travellers?
If you are traveling to a new city be SURE to edit your profile with the new location. Otherwise your Rendezvous for, say, Las Vegas will look like you are still home in Dallas.

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