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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Search Profiles
Search Profiles Search Profiles
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How do I find a specific member name?
Go to the Profiles & Photos tab, then enter part or all of a member name in the box that says "Member Search" (e.g. you can type in "kas" and all member names with those letters will appear, including "Kasidie"). Just remember to click the "Find" button, as hitting the return key won't work.

I clicked on someone's profile but I can't see their profile, what happened?
They have their profile set so free members or other member types can't view it. No worries, there are lots of other members out there.

What is "Enhanced Search"?
If you want to get *really* specific then click on Enhanced Search at the bottom of the Profiles & Photos page. This opens up a whole new section of search criteria, listing just about everything that's in a profile and anabling you to find very exact matches for people with similar interests.

Why do profiles pop up in a new window?
A handful of people know how to pop open new browser tabs and/or windows when they want that, but the vast majority don't. So when looking at a page of search results we pop open a new browser window with the profile you clicked on. This makes it really easy to view a bunch of different profiles from a list, without needing to page back every time you want to see a different profile.

Can I see who's been viewing my profile?
Of course! Click the My Home tab and then click "Who's Viewing Me"? to see the members who have been checking you out.

Will I show up on their "Who's Viewing Me" list? Can I turn that off?
The profile sneak peek you see when you mouseover a profile photo does NOT create an impression in that person's "Who's Viewing Me?" When you click to view someone's full profile, then yes, just as you can see who's viewed you, others can see who has viewed them.

You can deactivate this (so people won't see that you viewed them) by going to My Profile (in the My Home tab), and clicking "Profile Settings". If you choose this option you will not be able to see who's viewing you, just as others won't see that you viewed them (tit for tat).

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