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Swingers Circle Las Vegas

Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Event type Club
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Type Off Premise
Exclusiveness Anyone can come, but must first take a tour and sign waiver
Membership Required No , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per party
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed Other
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight males, but many bi-females
Languages Spoken by Staff
Off-Premise Club Information
Usual Meeting Place Hotel
Special Interests Other 


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Kasidie's Review
Review Date Jun 27, 2014
These parties are all about playing, which we find refreshingly European. No endless talking and hoping someone, somehow makes the first move and gets the party started. No showing up late and...maybe...starting to play just before sunrise. Whereas most swingers parties are social events with a sexy vibe where you might have the chance to hook up, this party is all about swinging. How it works is everyone is required to arrive on time (which, by Vegas standards, is an early start to the night). Introductions are made, cocktails are poured and everyone gets comfortable in the living room. The hosts then start a game of strip trivia, guys vs girls. When someone loses their clothes, they are banished to the playroom; which is lit by hundreds of candles and has numerous play areas. The playroom quickly becomes the social area, as most people wait for their significant others before starting any activity. The one potential downside to this is, especially since they don't show the profiles of who is attending, the group on any given night can be a bit diverse. But they know that and accommodate just fine. Some couples come to the party and, if they don't feel the vibe, quietly exit before the game starts (no-one even notices). Others might give it a chance and play the game, but then perhaps still not feel it and so, once the game is over and everyone is in the playroom or pouring cocktails, they quietly dress and head out. Plus, and this is a BIG PLUS, the hosts and guests all know that swinging is not indiscriminate, which is why there are multiple beds in the playroom (4 of them the night we were there); because even though the title of the party is an orgy, its really not, and you are only going to play with people who you find sexy and interesting, and not anyone you don't feel a vibe with. As always, no means no and that's okay. Is it fun? YES! Is it worth checking out? Absolutely! Chances are excellent that you�¢??ll have a blast! And given the early start, and that this is Vegas, you can play yourself into orgasmic bliss and then still go out for a late dinner, catch a lounge act, party at a nightclub, hit the tables, or anything else Sin City has to offer sinners like all of us!
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Reviewed by CindyandJim
Review Date Jun 23, 2021
My wife and I went for the first time and we loved it. If you are coming to Las Vegas or you live here this is a great place to meet couples in the lifestyle. Fun and friendly environment.
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Reviewed by funcouple39
Review Date Apr 3, 2013
We were less than impressed from start to finish. We spent a lot of time researching events and activities before we went on our LS vacation. We attended this event in March 2013. When we arrived we were met by Gary and Destiny, we arrived at 9:10 pm and were the first ones there and were told there would be 6 couples. About 9:30 a 3 some showed up then then about 9:45 another couple and we waited until 10pm but no one else showed up. Most everyone had mingled and chatted as there were only 3 couples here! Now the "sit in a circle and introduce yourself" began with gary moderating, cutting off some people rudely and anouncing he would have no problem kicking you out if you didn't play by his rules and even telling us a story of a girl he kicked out for masterbating. One couple had enough and left in the middle of the game. My wife and I played the game, which we were both completely baffled by! Answering questions about the mating rituals of dolphins or the history (1920) use of a bra were not the least bit exciting and really quite odd. After the game my wife and I said our thank yous and graciously exited at 11:00 pm. The advertisement states that this is a classy was neither one of these!
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Reviewed by UntypicalCouple
Review Date Oct 8, 2012
"We went to their party on a Thursday night recently and had a GREAT time. In fact, Ms. UTC commented afterwards that it was One of the best, if not THE best party she'd ever been to (and she's been to a few). Obvious YMMV applies as there is no way to tell who's going to be there and what the chemistry's going to be like, but I can tell you this - It was a very well run event, there were NO unattractive people there, and the atmosphere of the party was just amazing. Be sure and carefully read the email they send you after you register, it'll explain a few things, and help things go smoothly. The hosts were polite, professional, and well prepared, and the organization and format of the party was fantastic (especially for the newbies that were there) such that everyone had a great time. So much so that one young, newbie couple (it was their 1st time ever) decided to come back the next night. We wish we could have!" J&N
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Reviewed by livetolove
Review Date Jun 1, 2012
Although event got cancelled on Thurs. night due to inadequate numbers, Friday's event took place with only one couple a no-show and 6 others in attendance. Had a great time even as the only non-full swap couple there. The game is fun, the people were great and the play room was a blast. I only wish it had lasted longer..... Everything you read in the other posts are accurate. We will definitely participate again when in LV. Fun times........
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Reviewed by VandK4Fun
Review Date May 30, 2012
These parties are just so much fun. No single males roaming around and leering at you. And you get to check out some great suites on the Strip. Definitely a great place to play.
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Reviewed by Luv2Party
Review Date Feb 4, 2012
Great event! Especally for those of us who don't have tons of time for meet and greets! Arrive 9pm .... everyone naked by 10pm .... then lots of great play!!!!
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Reviewed by Newandthrilled
Review Date Nov 22, 2011
SO much fun. You meet the most interesting people when you are all naked on a bed together.