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Rooftop Resort

Location Hollywood, Florida
Event type Club
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Our clothing optional playground is the perfect vacation spot for the Lifestyle Traveler. The Rooftop Resort's casual friendly environment is welcoming to swingers and like minded nudists from around the world. This Swinger Resort in Florida was designed to give adult couples and their friends the freedom to enjoy a nude lifestyle.


Type On Premise
Hours Friday Saturday Sunday
Exclusiveness Open to the public
Membership Required No , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed
Single Females Allowed
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight, both sexes Straight males, but many bi-females
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
On-Premise Club Information
Play Allowed Designated areas only
Play Allowed Private Rooms
Cleanliness (5 equals Spotless, 1 equals Dirty) Not Rated
Smoking Allowed
Club Looks (5 equals New, 1 equals Worn) Not Rated
Dance Floor
Stripper Pole
Music By
Music Style
Reserved Seating/Areas Available No
Alcohol, BYOB BYOB, bartender provided
Alcohol, Purchase On-Site
Mixers & Soft Drinks Provided Yes, free
Facilities Swimming Pool
# of Bathrooms Total Bathrooms
Towels Provided Yes
Community Areas


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Reviewed by ameripinay22
Review Date Feb 6, 2023
I’ll start by saying we are new to the lifestyle with only a couple of club visits and one couple's experience and we love every second of it! This was also our first clothing-optional resort visit as well. We came in at the end of our Royal cruise for one night, Friday from about 2 pm till Saturday 4pmish. For those who do not like to read long reviews I’ll sum this up for you… you're welcome. We will come back, we had lots of sex and enjoyed our time. Positives: We enjoyed the playrooms, they have a women's and couples-only room great set up with big beds and a group play area, a private bathroom with a toilet and shower, a stripper pole in the middle, a nice sex swing, porn playing all the time, and mirrors everywhere. This room has a door with a lock as well. Highly recommend and we used this room a few times during the time we were here. We used the sauna, it’s in the back of the first playroom. The heated pool was clean, perfect temp, and relaxing. You will read reviews saying the pool is deep and tough for short people don’t worry my wife is under 5’ and we were fine. The rooftop when we got there was busy and people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. For us being newbs the guests and staff we great very accommodating and polite it is a very non-judgemental atmosphere. The resort is clean and well taken care of. Inside the room, there is a little kitchenette with fridge microwave counters etc. The bathroom was fine and served its purpose. The bed was comfy and big enough for fun. There are huge windows for those who like voyeurism and thick curtains for privacy. Opportunities: They seem to be doing upgrades in the rooms which it’s probably time, but with the COVID debacle I’m sure it’s going to take time. My recommendation is to bring an air freshener. It wasn’t bad just bring one we didn’t and we were fine. Another opportunity we would say coming from first-timers is some single guys can be awkward but our guess is this is common in places like this. We didn’t have any issues other than I kicked a single guy out of the couple's room after he came to watch and jerk off to us and another couple who was having sex in there. He played dumb and left. We did meet some single guys there who were great, respectful intelligent, and experienced in how the lifestyle works. So it’s not all just a few. Overall the people were great, extremely respectful, helpful, and welcoming. We didn’t play with anyone other than each other, didn't feel pressured to do so and the opportunities were there if we wanted as well. The only reason we are giving a 3-star right now is this is the first resort we’ve been to so hard to judge on other resorts etc but we will be back for sure.
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Reviewed by Cwoidk2
Review Date Feb 23, 2021
Staff was very nice and resort was clean, they need to update he bathrooms in the rooms though, but all in all a very pleasant experience
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Reviewed by 24xxxplay
Review Date Oct 28, 2016
3 star guests, 4 star pool and location, 2 star rooms. We really like the weekend parties. The theme rooms are kind of fun. The play rooms get a lot of action on weekends. Love the place for just laying in the sun naked. Single guys, while plentiful, are pretty respectful.