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Whispers Las Vegas

added by Tinkertoy6969
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Event type Club
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Whispers is setup on a Las Vegas acreage where decadent parties have been held on the estate since the Rat Pack era of Las Vegas.  One of the most popular lifestyle venues, the property has been a lifestyle venue for almost 2 decades.  Originally Couples Oasis, in 2017 the property was purchased, remodeled, and is being expanded as Whispers Las Vegas, a premier Couples Only venue in Las Vegas. The property features a heated outdoor pool, outdoor hot tub, indoor hot tub for epic summer parties.  Inside there are 6 play areas and a group room.  Dance floor and bar area features club quality audio and lighting.  Buffet and social area.  Large off-street parking area out of the site of the public.  Drop off area for Uber and Lyft.  Visit us on the web at or email us at


Type On Premise
Hours Friday Saturday
Exclusiveness Anyone can come, but must first take a tour and sign waiver
Membership Required Yes , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed Never
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight males, but many bi-females
Languages Spoken by Staff English  Spanish 
On-Premise Club Information
Play Allowed Anywhere
Play Allowed Private Rooms Group Rooms Voyeur/Exhibition Fantasy/Theme Rooms Massage Table Swing/Furniture Bondage
Cleanliness (5 equals Spotless, 1 equals Dirty) 5
Smoking Allowed Yes, designated indoor areas
Club Looks (5 equals New, 1 equals Worn) 4
Style contemporary
Dance Floor Yes, high end
Stripper Pole Yes, one
Music By Varies
Music Style House
Reserved Seating/Areas Available No
Alcohol, BYOB BYOB, bartender provided
Alcohol, Purchase On-Site No alcohol served by club
Mixers & Soft Drinks Provided
Facilities Jacuzzi Swimming Pool Outdoor Tanning area
# of Bathrooms Total Bathrooms 3
Showers Co-ed
Towels Provided
Community Areas Bar Dance Floor Lounge Reception Patio Other


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Reviewed by IMMZNG
Review Date Oct 25, 2022
I am a huge fan of WhispersLV! I will break it down! SUMMARY - In my opinion, this is a Vegas Must Do! So many options! So fun to participate! Extremely easy to be comfortable as a unicorn! Take the tour!! PLAY AREAS They have multiple play areas and on busy weekends, the outdoor tents with mattresses will be up! If you like BDSM, there is a room designed for it. If you need privacy, you can close a door. If you want to play publically, you can have the voters watch from the windows. If you want to be hot, you can go to the Alice & Wonderland room. If you want to be cool, you can go to the outdoor tents. They used to have a sex swing but I have not seen it. Oh, and if you know how to work a pole, they do have one on the dance floor. Every once in a while they will put up the glory hole too, if that’s your kink! CLEANLINESS The amount of linens they must go through in an evening, Wow! So here is the thing, the volunteers are crucial to the success of the club! It is amazing! When you are done playing, you just flip up a corner on the bed sheet and out of nowhere the sheet fairy strips the mattress and new sheets are put on and condoms are placed in the center of the mattress! Poof, ready for the next players! POOL & HOT TUBS Thank goodness for the indoor hot tub in the winter! Yes, please. It’s not too big but, in my experience, its never too busy in there if you want to get in, even on a super packed night! Always an easy way to meet people, naked! Yes, please! The pool is only open in the summer. FOOD & BARS As is typical in many LS clubs, you bring your own alcohol. You can bring an ice chest and/or they can put in fridge (if needed). They provide mixers. One of my favorite things about Whispers, they always have food, made by the volunteers. I mean, good, yummy food. I don’t think there is a set menu but its nice having an area to eat and some nourishment during the play ATTENDEES They are not selective about party attendees. It is extremely easy to feel comfortable no matter what! I think that’s enough but you should know I am missing some important details.
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Reviewed by Hotjanelle
Review Date Sep 23, 2022
Very nice club, pool, and all of the amenities you could really ask for. Very nice people here as well.
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Reviewed by candela
Review Date Mar 1, 2022
It exceeded our expectations. It had a pool, spa, dance floor with pole, DJ, bar, plenty of rooms, BDSM room… plus a great crowd. There were spaces and people to satisfy different likings. Registration (membership) was an easy process. We’ll be back next time we’re in Vegas!
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Reviewed by tightandfun
Review Date Feb 13, 2022
First time in Vegas and Whispers was on our list! The club's staff was so warm and welcoming. We even bumped into a couple from Wichita, KS right down the road from us! Thanks for a great evening and an excellent reason to visit Sin City again!
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Reviewed by FUNINBAK
Review Date Feb 6, 2022
Pool party’s are a blast!
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Reviewed by silvercouple503
Review Date Jan 19, 2022
Our first time to this club was at a Kasidie Meet & Greet so it was somewhat crowded. Made it a little difficult to move around and chat with folks. A lot of hot people there - all ages, sizes. The facility is well laid out, friendly volunteers, and a nice small buffet for snacking. This was in January so swimming pool was not an option! It's a short, easy Lyft/Uber ride from the strip. We hope to back again and will absolutely visit Whispers.
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Reviewed by JSR425
Review Date Aug 24, 2021
Met the greatest people and really enjoyed the pool party!
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Reviewed by yes2chemistry
Review Date Jun 23, 2021
Wow, the nicest people here! We were referred by a friend, luckily so. Instead of killing time on the strip before our flight back home to SD on a Sunday, we hung out here all day. Very clean and well organized venue. Got a tour from the owner and were amazed how much value we got for what we paid. Water, soft drinks, hamburger, hot dogs etc...and even ran into some friends we met over the years at different events. Now the mind blowing act of kindness was when Tom, a lovely volunteer who flipped burgers and hot dogs all day offered to give us an emergency ride to the airport. We had preordered a Lyft but got stood up and panicked. Tom was so incredibly kind to take us to the near by airport and we made it on time for our flight. We are excited to return to such a friendly, no pressure sexy venue next trip out!
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Reviewed by two_so_tall
Review Date Mar 27, 2020
We attended this club on the recommendation from a friend and were not disappointed. Plenty of discreet parking, or a quick Uber from the strip. The hosts were very kind and welcoming and atmosphere was fun and clean. We hope to return in the summer to see if the Sunday afternoon BBQ/parties are all they are made out to be!
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Reviewed by Edmarie424
Review Date May 13, 2019
Visited from out of town and found this spot amazing. We will definitely be back!
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Reviewed by DDandRocket
Review Date Apr 29, 2019
We had a wonderful time there on Saturday night. The place is really well laid out and the different themes in the rooms were nice. Whispers was busy, but not so packed that you couldn’t enjoy your time there. The other attendees were very welcoming and friendly. More than one woman came up to my wife and asked if her breasts were real. They are. But lots of caresses from these sexy, curious women. When DD was tied up in the BDSM themed room, she had people Helping her enjoy how sexy she is. Lots of moaning and orgasms followed. We will be back again some day.
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Reviewed by WandrngPlyCpl
Review Date Feb 18, 2019
Attended Valentine's Day Party. EXCELLENT Venue!!
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Reviewed by CallMeE
Review Date Jun 7, 2018
A great place to relax and have Fun! Bartenders make you feel comfortable right away and they are an absolute blast??. I'm already planning another trip to Whispers...
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Reviewed by BSNola
Review Date Jan 24, 2018
We had an amazing night, we met so many noce couples, bartenders were outstanding, Tina was amazing! Tom was awesome! Truly a great expierience! We met many couples but one in particular were so nice to us Shannon and Rob who we hope tonfind again! Beth & Sean