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Dionysus Society

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Location Austin, Texas
Event type Private Member Society
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Dionysus Society To us, that means we always ask before we touch. May I kiss you, may I touch you, would you like to join us? This simple and honest communication is the unbreakable foundation that our society is built upon.

Imagine a place where nothing is off limits and every fantasy may be fulfilled, while at the same time is safe, consensual and only what you desire it to be. This is the rarified universe, the ultimate adult playground, the dream made real.

As always, we exist in actuality only for those able to join us. To be a member of our society is to be part of the most exclusive and elite club of this kind in the world.  Cream always rises to the top, and we look forward to celebrating with the chosen ones for many years to come, experiencing just how succulent Dionysus can be.


Type On Premise
Exclusiveness Members only, very exclusive
Membership Required Yes , Initiation: $, Fee: $ per
Party Admission Cost $ per
Minimum Age Requirement
Single Males Allowed Other
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight, both sexes Straight males, but many bi-females Bi, both sexes Gay Males Gay Females TV/TG
Languages Spoken by Staff
On-Premise Club Information
Play Allowed Anywhere
Play Allowed
Cleanliness (5 equals Spotless, 1 equals Dirty) Not Rated
Smoking Allowed
Club Looks (5 equals New, 1 equals Worn) Not Rated
Dance Floor
Stripper Pole
Music By
Music Style
Reserved Seating/Areas Available No
Alcohol, BYOB
Alcohol, Purchase On-Site
Mixers & Soft Drinks Provided
# of Bathrooms Total Bathrooms
Towels Provided
Community Areas


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