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Swinging Downunder Podcast

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Location Singapore City Singapore
Event type Swinging Downunder Podcast
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G’Day and Welcome!

We are C&D,

We have been in the Swinging and Non-Monogamous lifestyle now for over 4 years and we love sharing all about our journey on our podcast.

Sharing the good, the bad and the embarrassing is something we have a passion for, we want to share our experiences so we can help you with your own journey (or at a minimum laugh at our slip ups, bad jokes and travel blunders).

We have been together for a little over 10 years now, we started our relationship as a monogamous couple and in 2014 decided to start discussing sexual fantasies and now here we are.

We are adventurous travellers, mid 30’s couple and always give an honest recount of what we experience in our Swinging Lifestyle Journey.

Here’s a little more insight into us as a couple and individually,


We are avid travellers and enjoy experiencing life together, you’ll either find us at a wine bar, indoor rock climbing, scuba diving or cooking at home with friends. We are childfree by choice and currently live in Asia (Singapore). We started our relationship as friends and continue to develop and share with each other as friends even to this day.


He is a thrill seeker and someone who loves to learn, he has a very odd sense of humour and loves to take the piss out of himself and others around him. He is an Engineer and a Private Helicopter Pilot, he grew up in a small town in Australia and loves motorsports, risk taking and trying to convince C to get her pilot licence.


Is less of a thrill seeker and prefers her feet firmly on the ground, she loves putting together events, hanging out with friends, volunteering and writing/creating. Fun nights include dancing on tables drunk or hanging out at home with friends playing boardgames with cocktails and wine. C is young and yet old at heart, collecting old computer games and still rollerskating…

We share all our experiences based on what we have encountered and put together this podcast as a way to help others with our (sometimes explicit) recounts of the Swinging Lifestyle in a healthy and balanced way.

Our creed is that we are social-sexual swingers and we prefer the connection of pants on and off friendship in the lifestyle and enjoy making long term friends with benefits.

So, welcome friends, G’Day and we’re so glad to share our journey with you in our Aussie accents with a different spin on how we approach the lifestyle.

Swing Soon,



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