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The North Chamber

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Location Sacramento, California
Event type Club
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THE NORTH CHAMBER is a sex positive, kink lifestyle, member's only, private club operating in Northern California. 
We welcome responsible adults of legal age and all gender representations. It should be noted that The North Chamber is NOT a swingers club. Swingers are welcome to attend, but are expected to understand and follow kink/bsdm protocols.
Our events are posted on Kasidie as well as other sites and our private contact lists.
Membership is subject to vetting and an invitation to join.

HAVE FUN. This is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for everyone. Sometimes drama happens in people's lives and relationships. Please leave it far away from TNC.

Get ahead of the curve. You may also RSVP to KeepInTouch@TheNorthChamber.Org please be sure to include your screen name.

VETTING is required. If you want to attend this event and have not been vetted, please attend our munch or any other event that we are attending. If you know you will be at a particular event, we may be able to ask one of our volunteers to meet you there for vetting.

NON-DISCRIMINATION: We don't discriminate based on race, country of origin, sexual preference (or lack of), preferred pronouns, or anything similar or related to discriminatory behavior.

GETTING UN-INVITED: We will decline invitations to those who are rude, inappropriate, disrespectful, or otherwise bring a negative vibe to TNC unrelated and regardless of the non-discrimination comment above.
ID: we reserve the right to ask for legal identification to prove your age. Please have it with you.

HAVE FUN!! Yeah, this one is mentioned twice :)


Type On Premise
Hours 8:30pm to 2:00am
Exclusiveness Members only, very exclusive
Membership Required Yes , Initiation: $20, Fee: $ per year
Party Admission Cost $ per
Minimum Age Requirement 21 years old
Single Males Allowed Always
Single Females Allowed Always
Members Typical Sexual Preference Straight, both sexes Straight males, but many bi-females Bi, both sexes Gay Males Gay Females TV/TG
Languages Spoken by Staff English 
On-Premise Club Information
Play Allowed Designated areas only
Play Allowed Private Rooms Small Public Rooms Group Rooms Voyeur/Exhibition Massage Table Swing/Furniture Bondage BDSM
Cleanliness (5 equals Spotless, 1 equals Dirty) 4
Smoking Allowed Yes, outside only
Club Looks (5 equals New, 1 equals Worn) 4
Style other
Dance Floor Yes, basic
Stripper Pole No
Music By Varies
Music Style Rock (current)
Reserved Seating/Areas Available Yes
Alcohol, BYOB No BYOB allowed
Alcohol, Purchase On-Site No alcohol served by club
Mixers & Soft Drinks Provided Yes, free
Food Light snacks
# of Bathrooms 2 co-ed,  Total Bathrooms 2
Showers Co-ed
Towels Provided Yes
Lockers Yes, bring your own lock
Community Areas Dance Floor Lounge Reception


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