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Kasidie's Help & Site User Manual Your Profile
Your Profile Your Profile
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Trick! Shortcut to "Edit Profile" – when you are on My Home simply click on your profile photo and you'll instantly go to Edit Profile.

Profile photo, how do I upload or change it?
Easy! First go to Edit Profile. See the big red image where your profile photo should be? Click on it and a box will pop up so you can upload (or edit) your photo and a caption. For more detail check out the video to the right.

Also, if you haven't uploaded a profile photo yet then any photo you add to a photo album will automatically become your main pic. And changing your photo? Easy, just go to any of your photo albums, click to edit any photo, and check the box that says to make this your new profile photo... voila! Remember, your profile photo must be of you, and we don't allow play pics or genitalia so keep your main pic classy (and then put the hot pic's in your photo albums!)

What is "Private Text"?
Just like private photos, this is stuff that you want to keep private and only let select people see. Fantasies, fetishes, secret thoughts and desires, or whatever else you want. Your text here is private, people need you to grant them a Backstage Pass in order to see it.

Who can write on my wall?
Any member can write on their own wall, so if you are friends with free or uncertified members then you will see their status updates on your wall. However, only certified, elite members can send a Shout or write a Comment on your wall.

Someone is annoying me and keeps writing on my wall, what can I do about it?
First, you can delete any posting you want by clicking the "delete" link on your wall. Next, you can visit their profile and click Block to prevent them from accessing your profile in the future.

How do we block single guys?
Click My Profile, then click "Profile Settings". Now select the option(s) you want. Note that if you email or friend a single guy then he will then be allowed to see your profile and send you email.

How do we block free members?
Click My Profile, then click "Profile Settings". Now select the option(s) you want.

Can we turn off the automated email notifications?
Click My Profile, then click "Profile Settings". Now select the option(s) you want.

Are there statistics on the number of times my profile has been viewed?
Of course! Click My Profile, then click "Profile Statistics".

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