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Party Ideas & Advice - Throw a Swinger Party to Remember!

Thinking of hosting your own party?
Great! Here are some ideas and advice, things I've learned from hosting many large and small parties...

Happy swingers having a great time!
 Try to stick to people you know. For larger events, go ahead and invite some people you may not have met yet, but study their profile carefully and pay particular attention to any raves they've received. And here's the hardest thing of all... structure the guest list to ensure there will be fun and erotic energy, and that the group will fit well together.

 Unless it's a dinner party, don't overdo it! Swingers are universally concerned about their weight and appearance (hey, we're all dating again!) and you will find that food just doesn't get eaten. Sure, have a few munchies, but your money is better spent on decorations and goodies like candles and lubricants for the play areas.

 Rarely does a host provide alcohol, so don't feel you have to do this. If you have water, soda and mixers on hand then it's perfectly appropriate to ask your guests to bring their favorite alcohol.

 Any bedrooms or other areas you set up for play should be clean and erotic. Candles and lubricants are a nice touch, and be sure to place condoms strategically around the room. Ah yes, don't forget to put trash cans... with plastic liners... next to the beds and couches; if they are there, they will be used... otherwise you'll need gloves when cleaning up the next day.

 People love a theme! It gives everyone a chance to dress up, act out and even go a little crazy.
Here are just a few ideas for your next theme party...

Large Parties – The Classics
• Toga
• Naughty School Girl
• Pimp N' Ho
• Leather & Lace
• White Night
• Lingerie
• 70's or 80's
• Red (Dipped in Red, Lady in Red, etc.)
• Bikini Beach (Beach/Pool Party)

More Happy Swingers At a Party
Small Parties
• Wine tasting
• Creative Cocktails
• Fondue
• Cooking: Taste of Tuscany
• Cooking: Taste of Asia/India
• Cooking: Thai Fusion
• Cooking: BBQ
• Cooking: Mexican
• Jacuzzi Party

Swingers are so hot...
Large Parties – Fun & Different
• Gypsy Fire / Arabian Nights (belly dancing)
• Angels & Devils
• Roaring 20's
• Wet Party
• Body Art
• Jazz Age
• Flirt
• Bootylicious (booty shorts)

• Salsa & Swing (dancing)
• Luau / Tropical Nights
• Ken & Barbie
• Vamps & Vixens
• Winter Formal
• Doctors and Nurses
• Fantasy Fest
• Boot Camp
NOTE: When hosting a cooking party, try to make it a group experience where everyone gets involved. The interaction and working with food is very erotic.

 Some More Hot Swinger Parties Games can be great ice breakers to jump start the action. They work best for small parties, or for subsets of large parties where not everyone will want to participate. Most of the games at your local sex shop will be too tame for real swingers, so go ahead and modify them to fit your group! Old standbys such as Truth or Dare always work great, as does "The Game", created by some great Kasidie swinging friends... click here for more information!