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Club Owners and Party Promoters!

Build the fun... and your business... with Kasidie.com!

There are hot lifestyle couples, swingles and groups all over the world who are looking to visit your club and attend your events. We make building your membership and increasing the success of your events easy. And it's free.

How? Several ways!

Get on the club listings page –
 Create a Kasidie membership (be sure to register as a "club")
 Get certified
 Post a Kasidie link or banner on your site and get a free lifetime membership
 Create your club profile on the Kasidie Club Listings page

Promote your parties & events –
 Post your parties and events on the "Parties" page
 Request "National", "international", or even "Travel Takeover" placement on the site
 Use the "party lists" and "invitations" tools to promote your events
 Speak with Kasidie marketing about co-sponsorships and/or expense reimbursements

Make friends –
 Complete your Kasidie profile in detail, then search for and invite people in your target group to be friends.
 Consistently add photo albums from your events to your Kasidie profile to engage and entice friends and other members

Start a Meet-Up Group –
 Host niche or special interest communities
 Build a loyal following by posting photo albums and forum topics to your group page
 Invite people to join your group

Join Meet-Up Groups –
 Involve yourself in other micro communities on Kasidie to make more friends and contacts
 Offer your facilities or other things for group meet-ups

Start & contribute to forum topics –
 Fashion advice
 Travel tips
 "How to" items (meet people, initiate play, etc.)

Write a blog –
 Members are interested in your thoughts and curious to know the latest. Let them get to know you by casually writing in your blog from time to time.

and, of course...

Host or Sponsor a Kasidie party!
 Questions? Contact ClubRelations
hot lifestyle couples, swingles and groups.

Promotions FAQs

Q: What if we want to host a private party?

The Kasidie party tools enable you to choose to display your party publicly, only to Kasidie members, or only be visible to people you directly invite. You can even set a password on a party so people can sign-up only if they have the code.

Q: Can we charge for our parties?

Of course. And that's between you and your attendees (we don't expect any share of that... heck, you need to make money too!)

Q: What tools do you provide?

Besides the promotion settings, we enable you to create parties using our special Ajax WYSIWYG web-based desktop publishing system. And we provide you with feature rich party settings, along with unlimited party lists to create specialized invitation lists.

Q: What about customer service?

You will have both an email address and a cell phone number for a Kasidie Club Relations person. Call anytime for anything.

Q: Do we have to agree to market exclusively on Kasidie.com? What if we also want to post our parties on other swinger sites?

Go for it! The success of your parties, and of your club, is our foremost concern. We're not so arrogant as to think we are the only place in the world you should be active on.

Q: Do we really get a free lifetime membership?

Shhhh... don't tell anyone. Yes! As long as you keep a Kasidie banner somewhere on your site, your full membership is free.