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looking for groups!

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Start a Community

Kasidie makes it easy for anyone to organize local groups – forming communities for any passion or interest. As a sponsor you can support these groups by providing anything from...

Financial support
Free/discounted products or services
Facilities for parties and events
Educational seminars or classes
Event planning
And anything else you can think of!

In return, the groups can display your logo on their community page, in newsletters to members, on party listings, and at events. You will engage with passionate, influential people who may become more than just customers... evangelists for your brand!

So whether you want to sponsor the local skiers group, a fetish society, a FemDom dungeon, or a girls wine community, there are groups that would welcome your support.

Want to sponsor one or more communities?
Contact group founders yourself
Work out your own sponsorship and terms

Can't find groups to sponsor?
Start your own community and invite people to join
Ask local leaders to start a Kasidie community

Contact Scott – email scott@kasidie.com or phone (702) 882-2525.